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The loss of one or more teeth involves a deficit in masticatory efficiency with both functional and organic consequences . Many diseases of the digestive tract require proper chewing , so it is recommended to replace missing teeth .

Besides a possible cause disruption of the formation of the dental arches , with possible local effects such as the separation of teeth , this means greater retention of food, more plaque formation and therefore more susceptible to decay and periodontal disease , and consequences distance , the most common are temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ)

Services and aesthetic dentures

Feldspathic veneers , or composite ips emax : Dental veneers are a very thin ceramic sheets Ips Emax , feldspathic or composite , custom made for each patient , which adhere to the tooth safely, effectively and durable. These treatments can recover in one session ( composite veneers ) or 2 sessions ( Emax veneers or feldspathic ceramic ) tooth structure loss and improve the aesthetics of the smile on dark teeth , worn , stained , crooked or close spaces between teeth.

Crowns or ceramic bridges are used in those teeth very weakened by the presence of extensive caries or large reconstructions. Is the dental treatment option for those cases where aesthetics teeth have very dark colors or when the tooth shows a significant deterioration of its structure. The result of this treatment is highly aesthetic, natural and durable.

When dental caries untreated, the bacteria continue its destructive process reaching nerve tissue inside the tooth ( dental pulp ) and giving rise to inflammatory, infectious and generate a pain necrotic severe tooth . Endodontic through , it is possible to penetrate the dental pulp , remove the infection cavity and disinfect root narrow ducts and seal these cavities in a safe and effective.

Endodontic tooth acts as a natural tooth. At present, the use of the microscope has increased the success of these therapies above 90 %. Dent Clinic Barcelona , use the microscope in all endodontic treatments.

Fixed and removable prostheses , which are treatments and depending on the patient’s oral pathology replace single parts or all parts quadrants to fill absences and capture the aesthetic and especially the masticatory function .

The dentures are those that the patient can remove it from your mouth as you please, and fixed prostheses are fixed in the patient ‘s mouth and they can not be removed.

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