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Fear of the dentist: Treatment with sedation.

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Sedation is the complete elimination of fear and anxiety. A solution to visit the dentist without pain.
In no time you will feel the injection needle nor see nor hear noises that could cause him discomfort and anxiety trigger box. Simply be “sleeping” and it is this level of sleep which provides a plane in which the patient is unaware of what is happening.

Indications for treatment with sedation

There are many different indications for treatment with sedation.

  • In adult patients with phobia, anxiety or panic to the dentist performing dental treatments.
  • In patients requiring treatment in a single session for comfort.
  • In special situations: patients with extensive disease, bad behavior, systemic diseases, specific syndromes and traumatic injuries (eg patients with Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, Down syndrome, etc.).
  • In patients with little time available, or moving from other provinces, as it allows us to dramatically reduce the number of sessions required for any special dental treatment and implantology.
  • In children it is impossible to make a conventional dental treatment.


Until now, get a healthy and pretty mouth requiring continuous visit, and even sometimes long wait to the dentist with sedation treatments, you get reduce visits and overcome any fears.

Perform treatment under sedation has great advantages: all done in one session, very good quality in procedures is achieved, a high degree of safety is achieved by having the anesthetist and all equipment and the absence of a consciousness of the patient prevents the generation or increased fear the dentist.

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