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Our specialty

The dental implantology is the dental specialty that can replace the missing pieces by fixed teeth secured by titanium miniscrews placed into the jawbone. Currently treatments for dental implants have evolved to the point that not cause pain. This is done using minimally invasive techniques and computer-guided assisted microscope, allowing painless treatments with minimal postoperative discomfort.

Implantology treatments

The lack of jawbone is no longer an obstacle to the placement of fixed teeth on dental implants . Multiple techniques to regenerate the missing bone mass using bone substitutes , membranes and growth factors that partially or fully reconstruct lost bone . Thus, it is possible to place dental implants . Barcelona Clinic dent , has become a reference in these techniques , reliable and durable results offering their patients.

The use of bone grafts for reconstruction of lost jawbone generates greater patient postoperative discomfort and carries long waiting periods – several months – until fixed teeth placement . These techniques allow to place fixed teeth on dental implants in 24 hours even in maxillary bone with little . These techniques are minimally invasive , painless and highly effective.

Placing fixed teeth 24 hours after the placement of dental implants is possible in cases where the bony anatomy is favorable. Barcelona Clinic Specialists Dent, if carefully studied to assess their treatment options.


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