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Orthodontics for children and adults.

In Barcelona Clinic Dent are also specialists in invisible braces ” Invisalign ” the best alternative to braces.
We also have the new system of invisible braces Incognito ® , which only makes the world a sophisticated laboratory in Germany.

Encompasses diagnosing and correcting problems in two separate steps orthodontic . With the new techniques we take advantage of the benefits of each age for different things. Thus we achieve a better result with a broad smile , radiant and healthy , it is also more convenient and easy for the child .

  • Phase I:  It takes about seven years and usually lasts 12-14 months. With this correction pursue bones before the problems are firmly seated . The most common case is to narrow palates . But as at this age the palate has not yet welded in the middle has an area of ​​growing cartilage , with a fixed appliance can be separated , making thereby the growth and formation of new bone. Keep in mind that the palate is welded at age 9 for girls and 11 for boys , and it does not grow spontaneously. It is therefore very important to the assessment of the orthodontist at age 6.
  • Phase II:  It is when all the teeth have come out on the 12 or 13, for about 18 months. With it get more perfect placement of the teeth , straighten teeth out, etc

Any age is appropriate to perform orthodontic treatment . The situations that are professional are similar in that act on the same structures but with different biological reality . The big difference is that the adult has finished growing and therefore we will not have it, or as an ally in some cases, not as an enemy to be overcome in other , unlike the child , which is a part orthopedics important in our daily lives .

– Best facial and dental , as it provides a wider palate , and therefore a wider smile and radiant.
– More bone to support the teeth , so that in the future there will be less gum recession and gum problems will decrease .
– Reduction in the percentage of cases that require extractions or surgery.
– Having more space will achieve a better occlusion and increased stability.
– The face will develop more focused , so there is less asymmetry.
It depends on the original problem , but more often the case , the lack of space , and for over 50 years we have known that the arcade is bigger at 5 years to 18 years , oddly enough . So crowded dentition can only get worse . The advice to wait and see if it improves , without having assessed an orthodontist , is often neglect or ignorance in others. Will children with a great crowding and canines out of space , lack of bone. They may try , but they will be worse.
In our center cost and duration, in two phases, is equal to a single phase , however , the result is better and more stable over the years.
  • Maxilla narrow and lack of space for the teeth: is the most common problem . May be accompanied by cross bite or not. Disjunction or bone growth produces a high level wider arch lifetime . Also keep the space that will leave the molars , which are larger than permanent , which decrease the need for extractions in the second phase.
  • Advance maxilla or teeth out: are usually accompanied by a very narrow , so first would widen . And , if necessary , harmonize jaws. Subsequently, in Phase II , will correct the problem of teeth out.
  • Maxilla back and large jaws: can range from the simple facial cosmetic defect to a severe crossbite or progeny . This phase should broaden and advance the maxilla , with the consequent reduction surgery tomorrow . The jaw , however , can not be reduced in size.
  • Overbite: when the lower teeth touching the upper gum , you can expect , or not , depending on other problems added.
  • Open Bites :usually have narrow jaw and a habit. It is therefore little easier.
  • Teeth with spaces: should assess the need for current or future treatment.
The payment is not a problem .
Dent Clinic in Barcelona , we will make free diagnosis , treatment and presupuestaremos you ‘ll provide financing to 12 months without interest , which can be up to five years (subject lender approval ) . Thus, the payment of their treatments will be as you need it and not have to worry about the price.
You can pay by cash or credit card. If you prefer to pay by other means , please ask our staff .

Types invisible braces

It is a revolutionary next-generation technology , completely different than traditional lingual techniques . From a virtual three-dimensional digitized image of each patient ‘s mouth , the brackets are individually designed for each computer of your teeth , like archwires , completely individualized for each patient.

In addition to improving the quality of results, Incognito ® system is much more comfortable for the patient, and reduces processing time very significantly .

Features Incognito®:

  • Not see (invisible)
  • Stuck on the inner surface of the teeth
  • Allow good control of tooth movement , and only interfere with speech initially , the first two weeks.
  • They enable some complex treatments
  • Recommended for people who do not wish to see the devices , as it is really appliances


Aesthetic Dental offers Invisalign ® , a treatment that is suitable for those people who want to get an invisible orthodontics and not wearing fixed appliances.

Features Invisaling®:

  • Customized clear aligners
  • Aesthetics: are nearly invisible clear plastic
  • Comfort: are removable, “removable”. Perfectly fit the tooth surface and its adaptation is almost instantaneous
  • Hygiene: do not cause any interference to brush your teeth and floss
  • Visits reviews: shorter and spaced in time
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