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Periodontitis treatment.

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Periodontitis or ” pyorrhea ” is a painless disease that affects the gum and bone loss occurs to the teeth surrounding supporting mobility and subsequent tooth loss . It is the leading cause of tooth loss after age 35 and the typical signs are bleeding gums, receding gums , halitosis or bad breath and tooth mobility . Treatment of the disease passes thorough disinfection and gum formation on the patient special brushing techniques.

Periodontitis services

The receding gums may appear at any age. To retract the gum, the teeth are more elongated , is exposed root and appears unsightly tooth sensitivity to temperature changes . Barcelona clinic dent , has experienced specialists using techniques for reconstruction of the gum by using growth factors , modern regenerative techniques.

The long-term control of periodontitis requires a regular program of disinfection of the gum, otherwise again reactivated disease. Barcelona Clinic Dent, design a periodontal maintenance program individualized to each patient to control their periodontitis, and to prevent tooth decay and other oral diseases.

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